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We look forward to serving you in a way that matches your aspirations in providing this service, so we hope to provide us with a clear address to ensure fast delivery, the address must include the building number, villa or apartment number in addition to the street name The city, the postal code, the phone number and the name of the person concerned must be written down according to the attached form. Before submitting your order, you must verify the product specifications very carefully and agree to abide by the terms of sale described.

The "home delivery" service is usually a "door to door" service in most cases, but we apologize for not applying this service in some cases due to the limited delivery of the delivery company or due to some local laws.

The shipping charges for the home delivery service are calculated according to the chosen shipping plan in addition to the weight and / or size and dimensions of the product to be connected. In the delivery of the order and that was the result of an error on your part (this includes, but is not limited to - typing a wrong address, typing an incorrect name or a wrong number). In this case, fees may apply Additional you have to resend the order.

Some of the shipping companies we deal with are: Aramex, Zajil and SMSA

inside Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Home delivery for regular and urgent orders within the city of Riyadh and includes all weights and includes payment on receipt

method Shipping The expected time for the request to arrive Shipping cost
Standard Shipping < / td> 1 working day