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The website offers the ability to purchase products or services through the website (online) and pay the required amount via the Internet by credit card, transfer or electronic payment system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries, Egypt and Jordan, and the payment on receipt service is available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only
Payment service at all banks within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Currently not available - will be available soon
Easy and easy payment of the purchase price through the SADAD service. An invoice number is issued quickly and the bill is paid
At all banks within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with ease
Paiement when recieving
Payment on receipt service is only available to customers of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Debit card (mada )
Credit card (Visa / Master Card )
We do not store your credit card information on the website. All information and details that you enter through the electronic payment gateway are encrypted for the purpose of security protection, and the correspondence sent to and from the service provider’s website is also encrypted.
We do not provide any of the payment information that was made through the website to other companies or individual entities unless it was requested by an official legal authority, and this information is processed by our payment officer..
Bank transfer
Payment service by bank transfer is available to customers in all regions of the Kingdom As this service is chosen upon completion of the request and then the amount is transferred to one of our bank accounts within ۳ Hours then fill out the payment process confirmation form at the bottom of the page to avoid canceling the order. Then the order will be confirmed and shipped immediately within 45 minutes
Al Rajhi Bank
The Smart Cafe Foundation
Transfer from within the bank
Al-ahly Bank
Coffee House Foundation
Transfer from within the bank

Payment confirmation form for bank transfer

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