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We have provided you with the products listed under the categories designed to reach them easily and to ensure your comfort when shopping. Please follow the steps below

First Step: Create an account

Registration is done in the Home Cafe store by typing the basic data (name - email - password) so that we will use this data to communicate with you regarding your request. Note that this data is secure and will not be used for anything else. In addition, you can track the status of your order from your account and facilitate and speed up the purchase process in the future

The second step: shopping and selecting products

The shopping and selection of the products you want from the various sections available in the store is done by selecting the desired product and then adding the product to the shopping cart by clicking on the Add to Cart button

Third step: add products to the basket

After clicking on "Add to Cart", a message will appear in the top frame confirming that the product has been successfully added to the cart and you can continue shopping and choose other products

Fourth step: review the basket

After completing the shopping process, you can click on the shopping cart at the top and view all the products that you have selected, and then press the "complete order" button to complete the purchase process.

Fifth Step: Complete the address information

Fill in your address to which the purchases will be shipped, and it must be written accurately and clearly

Sixth Step: Review the application

After completing the address, some data will be reviewed such as: Shipping method - SMSA to all regions of the Kingdom, Express Mail has continued to all regions of the Kingdom or through a representative of shoe types and this service is available for Riyadh customers only

Payment method: By (payment on receipt for Riyadh customers only, currently, bank transfer, visa, payment) and all you have to do is press the "continue" button. When you have finished reviewing all the data, the final step for completing your order will remain, including the products that have been purchased and the final prices. To approve, click on the "Confirm Order" button, where the payment process is completed

Seventh Step: Receive the application

In this step, you completed the request and your order number appeared for you, and we also received the request, and you will receive an email on the email registered with us, with a copy of your order and the details you need. Orders are shipped within 45 minutes of confirming the payment. We guarantee that the order will reach you within 24 hours to 72 hours maximum outside the weekend. We will send an email to confirm the shipment, including your shipment number, to follow it up with the shipping company..

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