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About the store

What is Home Café?

It is an online store that offers the best types of coffee, tea and other beverages at the best prices.

About the store

Home Café started as a small idea with a simple set of products with the aim of preparing the drinks that we go to drink from the coffee shop at home at the lowest cost and the highest quality possible. One of them was choosing the name "Home Café" to represent the home coffee, and in April of 2016, we started receiving orders.

Can I buy from a store?

The online buying process is easy and simple and does not take much time. For more information, you can review the page orders

my account

What features do I have in my account?

You can view the profile, the addresses, modify them, add a new address, pay for the bank transfer, to return, cancel, and amend the order, and review the requests and their details

Can I cancel the order?

View the details and the order cancellation form fromHere

Can I amend the order?

View the application amendment form and details from هنا


The online buying process is easy and simple and does not take much time. For more information, you can review the page orders

What is the order number?

The order number is the number that is automatically sent upon completion of the order and is used to follow up the status of the request with customer service representatives or in the status of the request

Where can I find the order number?

After completing the application process, you will be automatically redirected to a page containing your order number. You can also know it by viewing the e-mail sent from the site, which includes the details of your request, in addition to the order number and details can be viewed from your account. here

I completed the order process but did not receive any message in my email, is there anything wrong?

In the event that you did not receive the order confirmation message on the incoming e-mail, we advise you to check the junk mail or so-called junk mail. If the order confirmation message is not found, please send an email to us [].

Or on WhatsApp

+966 533909945whatsapp

Or by filling Contact form On the contact us page

paying off

What are the available payment methods?

Payment service on receipt: currently available to our customers in the city of Riyadh

Payment service by bank transfer and direct deposit: Available to all Saudi customers

Payment service by international bank transfer or through exchange offices: for Gulf countries customers

For more details about payment methods

Where can I find bank transfer details and accounts?

This service is selected upon completion of the request, then the amount is transferred to one of our bank accounts within 7 hours, and then filled out Payment Confirmation Form To avoid canceling the order. Then the order will be confirmed and shipped immediately within 45 minutes

What is the next step after the bank transfer process?

You must complete the Payment Confirmation Form provided هنا


Is shipping service available to all cities in Saudi Arabia?

Riyadh: 19 Riyal Saudi

Other regions and cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 29 Riyal Saudi

How long does it take to ship the order?

Within the city of Riyadh: Delivery takes 24 hours.

Rest of the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: from 1 to 3 days approximately.

More details

Is shipping service available for customers outside Saudi Arabia?

There are no shipping methods outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but will soon be available to the Gulf countries


In the event that you are not satisfied with the product or if the product is defective

Within (14) days of receiving the product, you can request a "re-purchase request" to return the product and receive the paid amounts. You must contact us to request a refund, in the event that the product is returned due to a defect in the product or a defect from the manufacturer or as a result of damage during the product delivery Or due to the delivery of the unwanted product, there will be no additional fees for the shipping service

In case of return for other reasons.

(The customer needs to replace the product or the customer’s desire has changed in general). Shipping fees will be charged to the customer

How to request a return?

The return request is raised from Here

What is the next step after approval of the return request?

When preparing to return the product, the product must be in its original condition, we do not accept the return of products damaged due to misuse, and we have the right to agree to accept the return of products that do not meet the above criteria.

Communication methods

I have a problem, can I contact you?

With pleasure! You can contact us via customer service on the website or by sending us an

Or on WhatsApp

+966 533909945whatsapp

What are the means of communication?

Email, WhatsApp, social media, and contact forms on the site. Find contact information here

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